I want to dedicate this blog to my mind, my dreams, and my soul. I dream of fanciful landscapes and lucid creatures and this site is where I feel the need to share such dreams and thoughts. I hope to have you join me on this quest!

I am an artist and writer who mostly works in traditional mediums but recently I have been working on improving my digital artwork. My art is very eclectic and expresses the chaos inside my mind especially when I am dreaming. My work is usually in a semi-realistic style but I do like to exaggerate certain features to achieve an almost caricatured look.

I am now officially working on an illustrative fiction titled Pills and Potions, which is dedicated to the inner mechanisms of my mind and soul and is about post-apocalyptic Earth recovering from famine in the future has rebirthed into a strange and magical landscape. Humans have taken on traits of their animal brethren and as such have unique abilities based on their guild’s animal.