Classes and Ranks

There are 10 mortal ranks within the New Earth society that functions as a system for the different levels of magical ability and the type of magic they wield and assists the kingdom in keeping track of what percentages fall under each type of magic. Within the ranks are different shades of the color to signify beginners from experts. The final rank for the immortal beings is called Moonstone. Rank and age do not always coincide, a young person can reach Amber rank if the stars align and they are able to complete a quest of that level, that being said this feat can be near impossible without the right equipment or skill cards.

Represented by iridescent gemstones, this is the highest rank to be described and is only attainable by the masters of their power type typically reserved for deities and the invulnerable. Moonstones have two categories that they fit into depending on alignment, those being risen and fallen.
Represented by yellow gemstones the Amber rank is the highest rank achievable by mortals and comes with great rewards for those who live long enough to reach this milestone. Pension, Settlements in Heaven and many other rewards await to the centenarians who can reach this rank along with the possibility to become an Opal.
Represented by green gemstones, Jade is attained by most elder adults ranging from level 65-75 and can come with great benefits such as a survivalist pension, Posthumous Level Up and Maturation Stat increasing learning speed and accelerating power boosting.
This is represented by clear crystals and is the Mid Life Crisis level for most adults, this can result in drastic changes in power management and in the overall path the player is choosing to go upon. This falls in with most levels between 40-55 the strongest but begins to settle around level 60
Represented by blue gemstones, the Sapphires mature to this level around level 25 and most stay within this rank for the rest of their adulthood. Stat increases and booster upgrades are commonly equipped at this level and players begin to settle on a path of morality as their minds reach the end of the growing stage.
Represented by red gemstones, this rank is reached by most when they are in their early adolescence levels [12+] to mid level 20’s and represents maturing in magic and in mind. Garnets do not have much control of their powers and typically have surges of power when upset which means they temporarily fizzle out from exhaustion. Many power changes and booster stats are chosen but few know what they want to pursue in this ranking.
Represented by coal and meaning the lowest amount of power Coal has the highest level of users leveled under 10 levels old. The basic moves are learned at this level and no clear understanding of incantation is known as catastrophic mishaps occur regularly.