About Ichardia

Welcome to the Realm of Ichardia!

Pills and Potions is a project that I have been tending to since 2009 and have spent the past decade growing and maturing its logic and splendor! In the time from idea to what it is today I have taken the realm within my slumber and crafted it into a fleshed out movie inside my head begging to escape onto paper.
Today I hope to start with you a quest to create something that could last beyond the scopes of human perception. If you choose to join me on this extraordinary occasion, I want to welcome you into the rabbit hole I call my dreams. Dreams for me are a special place with which all my inspirations are born, bred, and explored. I take the mundane reality of human existence and morph it into a surreal fantasy with which stories can be woven. I love to watch my dreams as they come together in a grander scheme to tell the story of a fantastic group of people and creatures.
Pills and Potions is a culmination of all my thoughts, dreams, philosophies, and visions that have woven together over the years and formed a universe that revolves around the magic of different origins. Each nation has a unique method of extracting mana from the environment or from other players, for example, a race that can harness blood into energy, and many other things can be used to charge the attacks so everyone must be on their toes. An ordinary or useless object to one player may power a second player’s mana as well as a mystical item may be disguised to look useless requiring great observational skills to seek the best things for trade and battle!
The Earth is no more, long since lost in the evolution of its people and of magic. Billions of years worth of trials and error resulting in cracking the evolutionary code allowing magic to become a scientific fact.
Ichardia’s people are now made of two groups, Combatants and Civilians. The Combatants group are distinguished by their proclivity to a specific combat style as civilians typically have no magical ability and if called into combat are usually monks. The Combatants battle structures are broken up into about ten classes including Bards, Clerics, Druids, Fighters, Knights, Monks, Necromancers, Rangers, Sorcerers, and Technological. All of the categories break down into subsections that can multiply based on Parentage; those being Berserker, Adventurer, Intellectual, Scavenger, Primitive, Advanced, and Rogue.
There is a near-extinct eleventh class that is never spoken of titled Chimera, they are of legendary prowess that dwarfs all other, and its origin is a more profound mystery. Many scholars argue of the identity of the first Chimera but agree that whoever they were that their creation resulted from an average member getting cancer, and their cancer mutated their “magic” genes, therefore, making this new class.
If this interests you, please feel free to message me with your ideas!